Decorative Wood Frame Full Length Mirror

Ideal Wood Frame Full Length Mirror

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Wood frame full length mirror – In a house cannot miss mirrors, either in entrance, a hallway, in rooms or from already in bathrooms. Today we are going to occupy just how to make mirror frames with recycled material. How? Yes, there are many deprecated elements that can be used to make mirrors and here you can see amount of ideas that we were collecting for you.

It is perhaps simplest technique, ideal for simple wood frame full length mirror. Lightly sand surface, print and re-sand a little to get a good grip of paint. Ideal is to coat mirror with a foam roller and a glossy enamel. For less accessible areas, use a brush. Then paste simple vinyl or decorative stickers (for example, some flowers) in contrast. Or stencil a drawing with aid of a stencil and lacquer of another color that matches. I propose white finishes with decoration in turquoise, pistachio or black.

Decoupage technique can be applied to all types of objects, whether glass, cardboard, also wood frame full length mirror. It consists of tacking wrapping paper, stamped napkins, cards, etc. With a special tail for task (it is called medium and is both adhesive to apply to surface and clear varnish finish. If you have not done it before, I recommend you try with gift wrap.