Blue Carpet with Attached Pad

Pretty and Delicate Carpet with Attached Pad

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Carpet with attached pad – We recommend that the carpet be larger than the area where the sofas are located. The ideal thing is that there is an edge around 20 centimeters. Thus the distinction between the two zones is more clearly limited. Regarding the color, it will depend on your tastes. Keep in mind that if the sofa is a striking color and you also place a carpet in bright colors the combination will be too strident.

A priori seems a little crazy idea, but if you stop to think a carpet does not have to be placed on the floor. In fact, some carpet with attached pad is so pretty and delicate that it’s a shame to step on them. So why not decorate with rugs as if it were a painting? In some countries like Russia it is very common to see carpets hanging on the walls of the salons, so it is not such a crazy idea.

A good place to place the carpet with attached pad is in the hallway or in the living room behind the sofa. The carpet will look as if it were a tapestry. If you are going to choose this option, it is best to choose a thin carpet, so you can hang it more easily.