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Round Grey Rug Minimalist Decoration

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Round Grey Rug – The rugs or carpets, as we commonly know them, are an important element in the decoration of our home that complements, gives personality and pushes the style of the space. In fact, they are part of the design of the environment that provide an emphasis, physical change in space, or frame an area, while providing comfort and distinction. Before continuing, we must clarify the difference between carpet and rug.

A round grey rug covers an entire space uninterruptedly, while a rug has specific measurements and is usually use as part of the decoration for its more elaborate designs. That is why in this publication we will focus on the rugs. Another case is when we have occasional chairs inside the bedroom, or in some other space, where they look great with a round rug.

Similarly, when the tables are marble and the floor is the same color, it is recommend to create a contrast in the environment with a rug. In case you want the furniture to be the protagonists of the place. The tone of the round grey rug should go in a neutral tone. On the other hand, if the mat is the solid color. You can give dynamism by combining the colors and textures of the cushions. Which can go in a plain color pair with another cushion that has a pattern.

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