Bamboo Wall Panels Color

Warm and Durable Bamboo Wall Panels

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The bamboo material is beautiful, has unique and natural appearance gives a unique look to the room. Bamboo is an ecological material and one of the fastest growing natural resources. The bamboo wall panels are durable, warm to the touch and good heat insulating materials. Being thin, the bamboo lining does not occupy space. It can be clean well and easily as washable wallpaper.

The bamboo wall coverings have two basic types, one is the bamboo wall coverings glued to textile. And then, other is the decorative panels fit with cord. The main areas of application of bamboo wall panels coverings in textiles. Wall decoration, bamboo wall coverings, bamboo panels, bamboo wall coverings, wall panels for living rooms, kitchen or stairs.

Door inserts or panels for cabinet doors, built-in wardrobes, even in sliding doors. Bamboo blinds, which are tie with the cord, can often be use as a transparent curtain for windows. But they are often use in wall decorations. Its great advantage is that they are available in rolls as textiles. And can be custom with a unique size. Both wall coverings glued to the textile and panels and decorative rolls fitted with cord are very suitable for wall protection and bamboo coating. Basically, there are two ways to fix bamboo wall panels cover.