Concrete Soundproof wall panels

Ways to Deal with the Soundproof Wall Panels

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Soundproof Wall Panels – The biggest complaint about most car owners is usually the famous vinyl wall panels in their homes. Each model and make seems to have used it between 1980-2000. Every company uses their own special brand and some have layers that look like plastic and some don’t. Colors and patterns vary drastically.

All have stitches with strips or battens that “connect” soundproof wall panels and no one really knows how to update them, until now. Here are some of the best ways to handle those pesky walls: It’s easy for anyone. Always clean first with TSP (or equivalent). Paint doesn’t stick to fat or smoke or dirt and there is more to your wall than we think. Use a very good primer. If your wall is more like plastic paper, make sure to use an oil-based primer.

It will make paper from soaking in all moisture and raising it in strange shapes that look like Abe Lincoln hats. If they are more like plastic, you might want to use a primer type Grip. This grips the paint and works. Not that easy but fun! Just remove the strip (batten) and then dispose of the mud. Texture using whatever tool you have. There are many types of mud and spackling so do your homework or ask home improvement employees unless they are younger than you. That’s the article about soundproof wall panels.